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Chef de Cuisine Anthony Burd

Anthony possesses an ongoing passion for fine dining and Italian cuisine by respecting the culture behind cuisine and most importantly the ingredients and where it came from.

During the preparation of Mercato Hong Kong, Anthony, with solid background in Italian cuisine and in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong F&B scene was deemed as the best choice to helm the kitchen. Now Anthony is the Chef de cuisines of this newly open Italian eatery.

Keeping in line with its namesake concept, the restaurant aspires to capture the vibrancy of an Italian marketplace, striking a rich balance between the rustic and the refined, the public and the domestic. The original tripartite of conceptual elements—Street, Market and Landscape—is reinterpreted afresh with a new material palette and details.

“The Street” defines the entrance foyer; a raw steel gate with custom graphic lettering marks a threshold beyond which guests can begin to sense the impending excitement.

Containing the main dining and bar areas, “the Market” is demarcated by a thickened enclosure of red brick curving ever so gently inward as it rises up.

A main feature of “the Market” is the Bar with its black steel shelves hovering overhead, and a large pivoting mirror that reflects the various activities inside the restaurant. Custom pendants in smoke glass and green glass harken back to the gas street lamps that were once found throughout Europe.

A series of openings in the brick perimeter lead to side alleys and nooks, including Banquette seating and the Show Kitchen window; lined in raw steel, each frame composes a spectacle to delight the eyes as well as the palette. Through one such opening, the Street reappears again along the edge of the seating area that looks out onto the terrace.

“The Landscape” is a terrace that wraps around the corner of the building and is conceived of as a softened boundary between the restaurant nestled within and the hard concrete jungle of urban Hong Kong. Lined with lush plantings, guests at each of the custom designed tables can breathe deeply and enjoy a unique experience of tranquility.

  • 852 3706 8567
  • Lunch: Monday-Friday 12:00pm-2:30pm ;  Weekend Brunch: 12:00pm-3:00pm
  • Aperitivo: Daily 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Dinner: Daily 6:00pm-11:00pm
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